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21 June 2009 @ 08:37 pm
Heaven's Trio- Chapter 1  
Here is...Chapter 1 of Heaven's Trio :D

credits: micha93/cheeschashi.@soompi

Chapter 1:

Four years earlier

Inspector Kangin opened the door to the briefing room and shouted, "Atten-tion!" before heading to the front of the room. All conversations stopped as the officers saluted him and quickly scrambled to their seats, ready to begin the meeting.

Kangin set up his laptop and hooked it up to the projector. After clicking away for a few moments, he cleared his throat and announced, "We have a new assignment from the top officers. All of you need to set aside the cases that you're working on right now and concentrate on this one. Uncle Gwai, Gwai-sook, will transfer those cases to other teams." He nodded slightly to the older officer before continuing, "As you most likely know, one of the main triads here in Hong Kong is called SJ. Other teams have been after their case for a long time, but they haven't made much progress so far, so they want us to create a special team to investigate them."

"Thus, we have a new member to our team. He just transferred from the traffic department, but he was strongly recommended by his superior officer." He signaled at the man waiting beside the door.

The young man who walked in sported light blond, trendily styled hair, a new sight for the usually conservative Hong Kong police. One of the female officers gasped audibly, earning a stern stare from the strict Kangin. When he got to the front of the room, Kangin nodded at him, indicating for him to introduce himself.

In a loud voice, the new member saluted everyone in the room and shouted, "PC 16807, Kim Jaejoong reporting, sir!! I was just transferred from the Traffic Headquarters, where I worked for 3 years, sir!! Even though I don't have too much actual experience outside of traffic law enforcement, please regard me kindly, sir!!"

Everybody in the room stayed silent for a moment before bursting out laughing. It had been a long time since they have had any new blood, and this particular young man was especially enthusiastic. Kangin chuckled, momentarily dropping his cold exterior, and said, "Jaejoong, nice to meet you. I'm your IP from now on, so I expect that you will follow my orders. But...you don't have to be so loud next time." He patted Jaejoong on the shoulder, gesturing for him to take the empty seat.

"Yes, sir!! I mean, yes, sir." Jaejoong abashedly made his way towards the seat.

Kangin coughed slightly, quieting the others down. He continued, "Although I'm sure you know this, Jaejoong, I need to give the cursory introductory speech for you. You have just entered the Organized Crime and Triad Bureau, commonly referred to as O記. From now on, you don't need to wear the uniform; common clothes are fine. Our overall main objective is to counteract and capture triad leaders and gang members, who are usually involved with illegal gambling, drug trafficking, and dealing. For the time being, however, our key target is SJ." He made his way back to his laptop and addressed the officers as a whole now. "Here is some background information on key leaders."

The first image faded into focus on the screen. "Park Jungsu, also known as Leeteuk to his subordinates as well as other triad leaders. He is the main head of SJ, which has branches both here and in Korea. He spends his time in both places, overseeing business operations. Being able to climb to such a high seat at such a young age...he's something. Don't let his innocent exterior fool you."

Kangin clicked for the next picture. "Hankyung, or Hangeng in Chinese. He is directly under Leeteuk, and he spends most of his time here in Hong Kong. Although SJ is based in Korea, he is one of the few Chinese "heads," or dai low. He is in charge of the main office as well as a billiards place, but he also has a say in the two clubs that SJ owns."

Finally, the last image showed two people. "This is Yesung," Kangin pointing to the left, "and this is Kim Kibum," gesturing to the right. "Both are directly under Hankyung, making them the most powerful Korean members here in Hong Kong, apart from Leeteuk. Although they are technically subordinate to Hankyung and thus report daily matters to him, they remain in close contact with Leeteuk. Each is in charge of one of the clubs that SJ owns: Yesung looks over Megabox while Kibum takes charge of APM."

Jaejoong eyes widened as he saw Yesung's picture on the screen. He is the one. He caused Ah Sum's dad to jump off the building. It's him. He gripped the sides of his chair firmly, jaws clenched as he listened to the briefing.

Kangin noticed Jaejoong's discomfort, and asked, "Jaejoong, are you alright?"

The young man jumped slightly and quickly said, "Yes, sir, nothing is wrong." He released his hold of the chair, placing his hands in his lap.

Kangin nodded and continued with the briefing. "SJ's main activities here in Hong Kong mostly revolve around illegal gambling and drug dealing. Their clubs are used for taking "gamble deals" whenever soccer matches are on, as well as a place to sell their drugs, especially to the younger crowd. The billiards place, on the other hand, is a bit more "high class" and is thus reserved for dealing with other triads, such as dividing territory, or rich businessmen interested in making even more money by getting involved with drug trafficking, especially to and from other countries, notably Thailand. As you can see, the clubs are much more open to the public than the billards place is, which is why it would be easier for us to target the clubs first. Any questions so far?"

A collective "No, sir" echoed throughout the room. Kangin nodded, "Alright then. Tablo, you take Eunhyuk and Sungmin and investigate Leeteuk and Hankyung. Yunho, I'll work with you and Jaejoong in investigating Yesung and Kibum. If no one has anything to say, then get to work. Meeting dismissed."

Chairs scraped the floor noisily as everyone got up to do their respective duties. As everyone was leaving the room, Yunho approached Jaejoong and said, "Jaejoong-ah, I didn't know you were transferring to our platoon! You're a great friend, keeping me posted on what you've been up to." He punched Jaejoong's shoulder lightly, indicating that his stern tone was not as serious as it sounded.

"It's not that, Yunho-ah, it's just that I've been so caught up with all the paperwork that I never had the chance to tell anyone where I was transferring to. But I'm glad you're here; I was scared that I wouldn't know anyone I was working with. By the way, how is Kangin-sir as a supervisor? He seems kind of...strict and...intimidating, if you know what I mean. He's not that bad, is he? Because I've heard from other see-hing that he doesn't like working with new people."

"Nahh, he's alright once you get to know him. But you'd better watch out, because since we're after such a big case, he's not going to tolerate any kinds of mistakes. You'd be ok though; I heard that you were high up on Lee-sir "good" list. Always the high-achiever, right, Jaejoong? You even got the silver-whistle award back when we were in training."

Jaejoong smiled, remembering back when both he and Yunho were fresh out of high school, immediately registering for the Hong Kong Police College. They had been friends since elementary school, and both had the dream of becoming outstanding police officers someday. And they did: they successfully had their passing out ceremony after surviving months of difficult physical and mental training. Jaejoong had worked especially hard, allowing him to earn the prestigious silver whistle award (銀哨獎), and was immediately assigned to the Traffic Department in Mongkok on the Kowloon side. Yunho, unfortunately, was assigned to Hong Kong Island, where he started with walking routine "beats."

Jaejoong replied, "Why bring that up? Now that we're on the same team, we're equal. But...you still have to help me out, alright? Kangin-sir seems scary." Jaejoong laughed, eager and enthusiastic to be working with his close friend from now on.

Kangin noticed that they had not left yet and walked over, patting Jaejoong on the shoulder. "I'm usually gruff to newcomers, but don't take it personally. You seem quite promising, so keep up the good work." He gave a stern look and a gruff nod before heading out the door.

Yunho grinned and flung an arm around Jaejoong's neck. "Come on, I'll treat you to dinner tonight to welcome you back. Yes, you heard me right, my treat!" They laughed as they headed out the door, ready to begin a full day of work.


Yesung made his way out of Megabox after a long day of work, casually nodding to familiar customers as he headed towards the entrance. He stepped outside and stretched his arms, finally free from the stuffy, smoke-filled club that he was in charge of. A sleek black convertible pulled up by the curb beside him, and the driver winked coolly and greeted him, "Hi, hyung. Can I take you out tonight?" They slipped back into Korean when they were alone.

Yesung chuckled, but opened the passenger's door nevertheless. "Kibum-ah, don't use those tricks that you use on your girlfriends on me; it doesn't work. But yes, let's go get something to eat. How about that the new hotpot place a couple streets over? Their spicy special is the best around here." He closed the door and laid back in the seat, rubbing his temples tiredly.

Pouting, Kibum replied, "But hyunggg~~~, you said I was your special dongsaeng. Don't you like it when I'm like this for you?" He batted his eyelashes prettily, but Yesung rolled his eyes, flicking his forehead before he could continue his aegyo charms on him.

"Aigoo...I'd mistake you for a cute little girl if I hadn't known you. Just concentrate on driving, Kibum-ah." Yesung pulled the seatbelt on and reached over to turn on the radio, effectively stopping the coversation before it travelled into more dangerous territory. He could never tell when Kibum was joking or not.

Kibum sighed dramatically and said, "Always the mood-ruiner, hyung. Can't you take a joke once in a while? But...I do feel flattered by your comment. I've been working on my cuteness for awhile now ^^." He pulled the car back into the street, tapping his fingers to the beat from the radio. His tone went more serious again as he asked, "So how's business at Megabox? Everything going smoothly?"

Yesung shrugged, saying, "It's been kind of slow lately, to be honest. The police keep having ID sweeps, which drives away new customers. The regulars still come back, but business has been nowhere nearly as good as it was before. Is it like that at APM also?"

"A bit, but it hasn't gotten that serious yet. The...other business is keeping the numbers up, so it's not too bad." Kibum pulled into an empty parking space, already arriving at the restaurant.

They walked through the doors, Yesung nodding slightly to the manager. "Just two tonight, thanks," he said, putting his arm around Kibum's shoulders.

The manager led them to a table towards the back of the room, and asked, "What kind of soup base will it be for you two? Our special is the extra-hot flaming hot pot...but Yesung-goh here would know."

Yesung chuckled, saying, "You know my tastes. Kibummie here likes his food spicy too, so give us the usual."

"Yes, Yesung-goh. Just a moment please." The manager made his way back to the kitchen to drop down their order.

"So hyung, you're a regular here already, and this is the first time you've taken me here? Ahh...I see how it is...I'll never be that special dongsaeng of yours." Kibum pouted once again, eyes twinkling. Unfortunately, he got the same response as before: another flick on the forehead.

Kibum rubbed the sore spot while narrowing his eyes at his hyung. "Alright, alright, I get the point. You'll never see my aegyo again, happy yet?"

Yesung snorted and replied, "Famous last words. We'll see about that."

The manager brought in a steaming pot of soup and set it on the hot plate before going back to the kitchen to get the ingredients. Soon, heaping plates of lamb, beef, shrimp, and vegetables graced the table, and they both dug in hungrily. Although Yesung's words always seemed a bit harsh to those around them, they both understood that no harm was meant. Joking in this way was only possible after they had become closer than any of the other triad members.

Suddenly serious, Kibum nodded towards the door before rising from his seat. Yesung looked up as well, before wiping his mouth hurriedly and going to the door to greet the newcomer.

"Hangeng-goh, why are you here? You don't usually come here at such a late hour. Is there anything wrong?" Yesung asked, worried that their business slump would cause him displeasure. He pulled up a chair so that Hankyung could sit with them.

"O no, I was just dropping by. No worries...I don't look that scary, do I?" Hankyung smiled, patting them on the back. "And it's just us three here right now, so let's use Korean; I know that both of you are more famaliar with that."

"Yes, Hankyung-hyung. O, hyung, did you...come to see us because of the sales?" Yesung asked, wary of Hankyung's impassive face.

"Well, I'd be lying if I say that I'm not exactly pleased, but I know that it's not your fault. The police sweeps are getting out of hand lately...I suppose it's because they heard that I've been meeting with other triad leaders up at my place lately. They probably think that we're going to be doing another major..." he coughed slightly before continuting, "dealing soon. Which is why...you two must be especially careful this time. You never know what info those sneaky officers may come up with," Hankyung said, sipping a glass of beer.

"Yes, hyung, we'll make sure to be careful. About you meeting with other leaders...are you planning something else as well?" Kibum asked politely.

"...It's not convenient for me to tell you now. Just focus on the next exchange: nothing can go wrong with this batch." With that, Hankyung finished his beer and got up to leave. Yesung and Kibum were used to his abrupt actions, and rose as well to show their respect.

After Hankyung left, they returned to their dinner. Kibum nudged Yesung on the elbow, indicating for him to lean closer, and whispered, "Are you ready, hyung?"

Yesung stared at him for a few moments before breaking out into his signature grin. "Of course. When am I not?"

Kibum smiled, replying, "You heard what Hankyung-hyung said though. Nothing can go wrong."

A few moment passed before his answer was heard. "Yes. Nothing can go wrong."



- I'm so sorry it took me so long!! But I just came back from vacation to...Hong Kong!! Hehe...I had so much yummy food...O^_^O Well, to relate my trip to the story a bit, here's a picture of an actual police car (yea...I had to use my super-sneaky-ninja-skillz to sneak a pic of it LOL): http://i427.photobucket.com/albums/pp360/e...68/DSCN1107.jpg
- Haha...side note: Megabox and APM are malls in Hong Kong. I like their names, so...yea, I stole them to use in this fic XD
- I'm really sorry this chapter came out pretty boring >_<...but it's necessary information, especially for those of you who don't know how police systems work.
- Most of my information is based on watching TVB (Cantonese) dramas, so I'm not too sure what the English terms of the positions and squads are. That's where...wikipedia comes in wink.gif So if there are any inaccuracies, please let me know ^^
- Usually when police officers first graduate from the police academy, their first responsibility is to "walk beat," which is patrolling the streets, writing tickets, etc.
- Drug-dealing is a major problem in Hong Kong (and everywhere else), and because it is so widespread, I decided to center SJ and this story around drugs (lol that sounds so weird and wrong ^^;;)
- According to the dramas and movies I've seen (ex. Split Second (TVB), EU (TVB), Protege (movie)), Thailand seems to be the popular supplier of drugs. So just to clear things up, I don't have anything against Thailand or anything like that ^^
- I have no idea why, but it seems like most triad members enjoy going to eat hotpot 365 days a year, no matter how hot it is o.O I mean, hotpots are yummyyyyy, but it's like whenever they go eat, it HAS to be hotpot.
- ID sweeps- All Hong Kong citizens have an ID card that they must carry around at all times, because it identifies you as a citizen of Hong Kong. If a police officer asks for you to show your card and you don't have it, you could be arrested ohmy.gif
- Finally...the rest of the story will be told in the past. Thus, Jaejoong and Kibum are now 21 and Yesung is 24.

- Also..I'm new to livejournal posting, so the format looks kinda weird o.O  So...if anyone's willing to help me by telling me how to format properly, I would really appreciate it ^_^

- sook (C )- uncle, not strictly used for family members, but also those who are older than you as a term of respect
- dai low (C )- big brother, often has a gangster connotation (similar to goh...see prologue notes)
- see hing (C )- similar to elder/senior/sunbae, but used primarily among fellow policemen
- sir (C )- well, this isn't really Chinese, but they usually attach "sir" after one's surname instead of saying Officer something.
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There's no obvious, rational form for sadness...: Hydemardigrasmaven on June 22nd, 2009 05:12 am (UTC)
It was pretty interesting to me! Kangin's branch is assigned to take care of the SJ triad led by who else but Leeteuk. And Jaejoong has a vendetta against Yesung for causing someone's death. And then you've got the triad side of things with the appearance of Yesung, Kibum and Hankyung. Excellent.

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hehe yep yep, that pretty much sums up the first chapter ^^ it's mostly background info, but i'm so glad it was pretty interesting :D makes me smile ^_______^

and...^^;; updates may be a bit slow, cuz summer school starts tomorrow for me...T_T but i'll make sure to keep writing :)
There's no obvious, rational form for sadness...mardigrasmaven on June 22nd, 2009 05:55 pm (UTC)
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chapter 2 is posted! ^^
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chapter 2 is posted! ^^
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I will definitely keep an eye out for the next update ^-^
hkmcdull168hkmcdull168 on June 22nd, 2009 09:48 pm (UTC)
:O are you a new reader? XD yea...updates are kinda slow, cuz i'm writing as i post D: bad idea, but i couldn't resist posting what i have up hahaha

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chapter 2 is posted! ^^
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I have no idea why, but it seems like most triad members enjoy going to eat hotpot 365 days a year, no matter how hot it is o.O
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chapter 2 is posted! ^^
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