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25 July 2009 @ 11:46 pm
Heaven's Trio- Chapter 4  
Major yebum ahead XD

Chapter 4:

Kibum pulled the car over to the curb, seeing flashing sirens and police cars in front of him.  Caution tape had sealed off the entire entrance of APM, with police officers questioning the guests in front.  Cursing under his breath, he turned off the engine hastily and got out of the car, slamming the door shut.  He spotted one of his men off to the side, and goes over to ask, "Ryeowook-ah!  What the heck exactly happened?"

"Kibum-goh, I'm not too sure.  All I know is that the police were here for ID sweeps again tonight.  But it's weird...they just had one last night.  Usually they come here every few days or so, so nobody was expecting tonight's sweep.  Maybe they got some information?" Ryeowook replied.

Or maybe it was Yesung who got some information, Kibum thought darkly.  "Alright, so there was another sweep.  But how did Kyuhyun get caught?  I thought he had more experience than that."

"I really don't know...When Kyuhyun came, he seemed to know exactly what he was doing.  He went around to all the tables and collected all the gamble deals like he was supposed to, and then suddenly the police barged in.  I don't even know if the police found the records of those deals, because if they did...we'd be in way more trouble than we are in now," Ryeowook said worriedly, scuffing his feet against the sidewalk.

Kibum, unable to contain his irritation at this entire situation, backhanded Ryeowook's head, earning a sharp ouch! from him.  "Aishhh...don't you think I know that?"  Kibum sighed and closed his eyes before replying, "Sorry, didn't mean to do that.  It's just...I'm frustrated that this all has to happen now."  He turned away from Ryeowook, stretching his arms above his head tiredly.

"...Kibum-goh...are you ok?" Ryeowook asked, still rubbing his head.

"Yea, I guess so.  You know, I'm going to leave this to you.  Just answer whatever questions those cops have.  I have...other things to do right now."

Ryeowook smiled wide and said, "Of course, Kibum-goh!  Leave it to me~"

Kibum let out a small smile in return and ruffled the younger man's hair.  "You know, you're just too adorable, you know that?"  With that, he turned back to his car, ready to do some questioning of his own.


"Hello?  Yesung-hyung?  Where are you right now?  I want to speak with you," Kibum asked him through his cell phone.

There was a short pause before Kibum heard Yesung answer in a small voice, "Umm...I'm at home right now.  Do you want to drop by?"

"Sure, I'll be there in a bit then."  Kibum ended the call before he could hear Yesung's response, and he revved up the engine as he sped off on the highway.


A few minutes later, he arrived at the entrance to Yesung's apartment.  It was in a popular area, costing him quite a bit of money, but the money came easily from their profitable business.  Kibum reached out and rung the doorbell, feeling slightly anxious about how he was going to ask Yesung.

Moments passed by in silence as Kibum waited.  Frowning, he rung the doorbell again.  "Yesung-hyung?"

A muffled coming!! came from within, and sure enough, the door opened quite soon, revealing a disheveled and tired-looking Yesung.  Kibum eyed the older man warily, noticing that he had buttoned up his shirt incorrectly.  He raised his eyebrow questioningly, causing Yesung to look down at his chest.  "O shoot, I didn't notice that.  Umm...come on in, just make yourself at home," he said, stepping back from the door.

Kibum sniffed the air, scrunching up his nose as he did so.  "Hyung?  What's that smell?" he asked as he sat down on the couch next to Yesung.

Yesung looked slightly flustered as he sputtered, "Huh?  Smell?  What smell?  Kibum-ah, you must be imagining things.  Anyway, do you want anything to drink?  I'll go get you something."  He tried getting up, but Kibum stopped him from moving.

"Aishh, hyung, you should fix your shirt first.  Here, I'll help you," Kibum said, pulling Yesung over towards him.

"Ahh!  No, Kibum, I'll do it myself," Yesung almost yelled, surprised at Kibum's sudden fowardness.

"Nonsense."  Ignoring Yesung's protests, he unbuttoned his shirt gingerly, looking away from his now unobstructed view of Yesung's chest.  Woah, Kibum!  Why am I getting embarrassed?  It's not like I don't know what it looks like.  Kibum swallowed nervously, and summoned up enough resolve to look at his task on hand...literally.

He frowned.  Sure...he was expecting smooth, pale skin, not that he was looking forward to it, but instead he saw light shades of blue at the sides of Yesung's ribs.  So that is the smell...medicine oil.  Kibum stopped unbuttoning and instead took off Yesung's shirt in one fluid motion, revealing blue marks on his sides and stomach.  Yesung looked down ashamedly, and said, "I didn't want you to worry..."

"So that's why you were late getting the door?  And knowing you, you were probably scrambling to fling on whatever you had on hand just to open the door for me, right?  Aishh...hyung, you could've told me to do it for you," Kibum sighed exasperatedly.  "Hyung, lie down.  I'll do it for you now."

Yesung tried to protest, but to no avail.  With a dramatic sigh, he pouted, "You know, Kibum-ah, your hyung knows how to do these things himself."  Although, his protest might have been more effective if he did not stretch out on the sofa as he talking.

Kibum smiled at his actions as he found the bottle of medicine oil lying beneath the sofa, and poured some onto his hands.  Rubbing his hands together, he massaged the older man's sides, earning him low moans of satisfaction.  Kibum rubbed a bit harder, and a sharp gasp could be heard from beneath him.  "You have to bear with it, or else the bruise won't fade," explained Kibum.  Although his words seemed harsh, he was still worried about Yesung's injuries.  "Well...if it's too painful, tell me.  I'll take you to go see a doctor or something."

Kibum could not see Yesung's face because he was lying stomach-down on the sofa, so he missed Yesung's barely-contained smile, and only heard him say, "No, I'm alright, Kibummie."

A few more minutes passed by in silence, punctuated only by soft whimpers from Yesung when Kibum rubbed especially hard.  Satisfied with his work, Kibum drew back, his eyes lingering on a small birthmark on the back of Yesung's right shoulder.  Before he could stop himself, he reached out and fingered it lightly, causing Yesung to giggle slightly beneath him.  "Hehe...it tickles," Yesung whispered, turning his head to look at Kibum.

"O I'm sorry, hyung.  Turn back around; I'm not quite done yet."

Yesung obliged, and Kibum continued to massage his back, rubbing it in soothing circles, as his mind drifted somewhere else.


It had to have been three years ago by now.  Maybe four.  The longer one is in the business, the easier it is to lose track of time.

The time I fully looked up to Yesung.

It was back when we were still nameless underlings.  The kind no one really cared about, the kind who were always caught up in gang fights.  That was us.

It was some stupid bar fight, or something like that.  Maybe it was some other gangsters trying to take over our turf.  I don't remember the reason anymore, but it didn't matter.  It doesn't matter.  People were everywhere, knives were everywhere, blood was everywhere.

I was running away from the scene, with Yesung by my side and an attacker behind us.  Sure, we had to "protect" the name of SJ, but at the time, saving our own lives was the most important.

Racing through back alleys, tripping over trash and debris...time seemed to slow down as we continued to run.  Our attacker seemed to be catching up with us, knife in hand.

I saw the flash of the knife, and I scrunched my eyes, waiting for the pain to come.  But no...it never came.

Our attacker had sliced the air, catching Yesung's side with it.  Blood splattered on the walls and ground, but Yesung didn't stop or slow down.  "RUN!  KEEP ON RUNNING!" he yelled to me.

I reached out and grabbed his other arm, and we ran together.  How we escaped our attacker...I still don't know.  The important thing was that we escaped.

We ran all the way back to Yesung's apartment.  It wasn't the same apartment as the one he's staying at now.  No...it was in the worst part of town, small and cramped, polluted and dirty.

Once we were inside, Yesung collapsed on the ground.  The only thing that got me to move was the shock.  There was no way I could've moved on my own accord at that time.  Not only had it been my first gang fight, it was my first time seeing so much blood.

I quickly carried him over to the couch, and I ran to the bathroom for towels and hot water.  I was going to ask him where he kept his bandages, but I caught myself.  Of course he was in no shape to answer me.  Instead, I searched through the cabinets on my own, and thankfully soon enough, I found them.

I ran back to the couch, and quickly stripped his shirt from him.  The gash looked deep to me, but it wasn't saying much, considering I had never seen a gash like that before.  With shaking fingers, I wrung out the hot towel and placed it on his forehead, before using another hot towel to clean his wound.  Once clean, or as clean as I could get it to be, I poured some antiseptic on the gash before wrapping it tightly with a clean bandage.

I had been panting heavily the entire time, both from the exertion and the shock.  But once I was done with caring for Yesung's wound, I started to calm down, telling myself over and over again that it was all over.  The attacker wasn't going to find us.  We're safe.

I don't remember how long I sat there for.  I only remember looking at Yesung.  His wound...his face...his body.  Before that night, he had only been another gang member to me.  Sure, we were all "brothers" under SJ's name, but honestly, how many people can you consider as your brother?  But now...seeing him in front of me, barely alive...it put a whole new perspective on our relationship.

A small mark on his back drew my attention.  It looked like a mole, but no, it was too big to be a mole.  And it was oddly shaped, not the usual round mole.  I leaned in to examine it more carefully.  Just then, Yesung stirred, waking up from his deep slumber.  "Ughh..." was his first word, or rather, sound.

I quickly jerked back and asked, "Are you alright?  Do you need to go to the hospital?"  I had heard from elders that going to the hospital was the last resort when you're involved in a gang fight.  The police always ask questions, and one wrong answer could get you jailed.

His raspy voice hit the air again.  ".....Water..." he croaked.

"Right.  I'll be right back," I said as I scrambled to the kitchen.  I came back a few moments later, holding the cup for him as he took small sips, wincing as he moved.  "Feeling better?"

"...Yea, I suppose.  I think I'm fin-" Yesung paused again, closing his eyes to try to stop the pain.

"Look, I think I need to get you to the hospital.  You don't look too good," I said as I stood up, reaching for the phone to call an ambulance.

"No!" Yesung wheezed, "No, it's ok.  I'm fine.  I just need some rest, that's all."  And with that, he laid back down and fell asleep again.

Convinced that he was alright, at least for the moment, I got up and went to the bathroom, washing my blood-soaked hands and arms.  Seeing the blood flow down the drain brought back the night's memories...I grabbed the sink as my legs shook.  It wasn't easy, getting over my first gang fight.  I splashed some water on my face, calming myself.

When I felt ready, I went back to the living room.  Yesung was still sound asleep.  I looked around.  It was messy, no doubt because he was always too tired to clean it.  And being the neat-freak that I am, I cleaned it up for him.

A few more hours passed, and the sun began to rise.  I had finished with my cleaning project, and had resumed my position in front of the couch, watching him.  It felt calming for some reason, watching his peaceful face that was finally at ease.

His "mole" drew my attention again.  Summoning up the courage, I reached out and fingered it gently,  It felt smooth, just as smooth as the skin around it.  He twitched beneath my touch, and I jerked back once more.

His soft voice permeated the air.  "It's my birthmark.  It looks like a crescent moon, doesn't it?"

"Oh..." I replied dumbly, not knowing how to respond.  I coughed before saying, "Are you feeling any better?  That's not a light wound you got there."

"I feel a lot better, thanks."

I stayed at Yesung's apartment for the next few weeks, taking care of him while he was wounded.  It was a quiet kind of relationship, with conversations few and far in between.  But it was comfortable.  It had been a long time since I trusted someone.

One day, when Yesung was nearly healed, we were sitting at the table during dinner when he suddenly asked me, "You're Korean, right?"

I looked up from my bowl of ramen, swallowing before replying, "Yea, how'd you know?"

"Your name is Kim Kibum, right?  The Kim gives it away," he said, continuing to slurp up his noodles.

"Oh, I guess so," I replied lamely, once again not quite knowing how to continue this conversation.

A few minutes passed by in silence as we continued to eat.  Just as I was about to finish, he suddenly said, "Call me hyung, then."

I choked on my last bite of ramen.  "Huh?  You're Korean also?"

He didn't say anything.  He just got up to put his bowl in the sink before heading over to the living room and lying down on the couch.  I looked at him questioningly, but he had already closed his eyes.  I placed my own bowl into the sink and started washing them, thinking about Yesung's words.  Although he knew my full name, I only knew him as "Yesung."  Could he be a Kim also?

After drying the bowls, I went to the living room where Yesung had fallen asleep.  I said softly, "Yesung," trying to wake him up, but he did not stir.

I tried again.  "Yesung."  But again, it was no use.

Finally, I whispered, "Hyung."  A small smile crept over his face as he opened his eyes.  "My good dongsaeng," he said, as he pinched me on the cheek.

"Ahh, hyung, you were playing with me, weren't you?" I asked, as a small blush formed on my face.

"Just a little."

After another week or so, Yesung was completely healed, and I had to move back into my own apartment.  I didn't want to face Yesung as I left, afraid that I would not want to leave, so I tricked Yesung into going down to buy me something.  I left a note on the coffee table telling him of my departure, and the address of my place.  And with one last look at the apartment, I left.

As I walked back home, I saw a tattoo shop along the street.  I paused and thought for a few moments before stepping inside.

A couple hours later, I stepped back out, feeling a bit sore but still invigorated from the ordeal.  It had been my first, and only, tattoo.  A small one, behind my right ear.  Three small stars in a line.

A moon always needs its stars with it.



- I know...it's been a loooong time since I've updated.  But summer school's been in full swing now, so I've been really busy these days >_<  I actually have two midterms coming up this week, which is why I cut this chapter short.  The next chapter will be pretty much a continuation of this chapter.
- Medicine oil (藥油, I think that's the Chinese for it ^^) is a common household item.  Pretty much, when you get bruises or twist something, if you rub it into your skin, you'll get better.  Haha, what a very medically-correct description I gave lol.  Mmm, I've never used it before, but supposedly it has a very distinctive smell, which is why Kibum recognizes it :)
- Honestly, I really don't like it when they show skin >___<  So...DBSK's whole mirotic concept turned out super super awkward for me to watch D:  But...I make an exception to Yesung LOL, cuz he never shows any skin.  EXCEPT this one video.  Omg...:O...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J25f5_yPRZ0.  Yea...I died X_X
- Yea...this chapter is pretty much yebum fanservice XD  I know a lot of you have been waiting for it, so...hopefully it didn't disappoint you ^^  And as a treat...this is my ultimate favorite yebum fancam ^^  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FldVXsglS8&feature=related  They are just too freakin adorable <33
- And now you know (partially at least) why the name is "The Sun, Moon, and the Stars."  Not the sun yet, but still.  I actually got the inspiration for the title from Epik High's Map the Soul, Worldwide Version.  It kinda got stuck in my head...and bam!  the plot bunny bit me, and out comes this fic :D
- Updates might be even slower than usual now T______T but I'm still working on this, I promise!!  ^_^

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noooooo bummie! DON'T GET HURT!!!!!

A couple hours later, I stepped back out, feeling a bit sore but still invigorated from the ordeal. It had been my first, and only, tattoo. A small one, behind my right ear. Three small stars in a line.

A moon always needs its stars with it.

that is soo sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!
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you so made mine with that! it's really sweet. like personally i can't cheesy stuff but that's like really touching.
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chapter 5 is now posted!
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chapter 5 is now posted!
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Ooooo I need to get some medicine oil XD Sounds wonderful!
A couple hours later, I stepped back out, feeling a bit sore but still invigorated from the ordeal. It had been my first, and only, tattoo. A small one, behind my right ear. Three small stars in a line.

A moon always needs its stars with it.


And yay for Kibum taking care of his hyung in need. It's such a good relationship that they have. :D

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hahaha but can you cope with the smell of it? XD

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i'm working on chap 5!! but...it may be a little slow, cuz i have a midterm tomorrow...>_
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chapter 5 is now posted!
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chapter 5 is now posted!
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