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20 May 2009 @ 10:59 am
Epik High Concert and Meet and Greet  
Yep...this was the most amazing night EVER.  I can't believe that I was able to see my first kpop (well, not really kpop anymore...so korean) love.  They are epikly amazing and epikly awesome ^^

Cross-posted from my soompi post (it's long :O):

My friends and I arrived at House of Blues probably around 6:30ish, and we were like...omg...the line is soooo frickinnnn long ohmy.gif ohmy.gif ohmy.gif So we hurry to the back of the line and wait happily for a couple hours before we were let in ^^
I met a few soompiers, like foreverisdelicious, spymanut, and the new opener of this thread, whohungjen? smile.gif
We get in, and I was really surprised at exactly how small House of Blues is. We were kinda towards the back at first, but we figured that we wanted to stay on the ground floor (lol the mosh pit) because we would get a lot more interaction than having a clearer view on the balcony.

Man...Far-east Movement really got the audience pumped *_* I've never really listened to their songs before, but I will definitely look out for them now biggrin.gif Their astronaut suits were hilarious also laugh.gif DJ Dumbfoundead was really funny as well; he made a great mc for the show ^^
There were some technical difficulties at first (LOL at the "we still have one minute to burn thing"), but it was fine in the end smile.gif
Kero One has some great songs, but like many people have said, they fit more of a mellow hip hop, a stark contrast to the energetic performance before, so a lot of people got tired of him quickly >_< Some people kept yelling out "Epik High!!!" during his performances ;_; But he was great nonetheless XD The girl who performed with him (don't know her name D: ) had such a wonderful voice as well ^^

Finally...the moment that EVERYONE had been waiting for...EPIK HIGH!!!! It was amazing ohmy.gif
MYK and DJ Tukutz were the first ones to come out, and everybodyyyyy was screaming for them. Beatbox DG was amazingggggg ohmy.gif I had no idea people could actually do that ohmy.gif
And finally...Tablo and Mithra come out, and the entire place is totally pumped. I don't quite remember which songs they performed first though >_<
Then Tablo made his speech about how they made their label, and how after 6 years with their previous company they could never come all the way out here to perform, but after they formed their own label, they could smile.gif I don't know if it was just me or not, but it seemed like they were all pretty emotional up there when they were talking about this, and I swear I could see tears in their eyes ;_;
My friends and I were all in the "mosh pit," so whenever they performed a new song or had fan interaction, everyone would move and push in order to get closer to the stage, so in the end we were all pretty close biggrin.gif (not close enough to touch them, but it was all good hehe)
Pretty much, they performed most of their songs from their "Map the Soul" album first, then the second half of their performance they stuck with mostly the old classics. I seriously still can't get over the fact that I saw One, Fly, Love Love Love, Flow, 1 minute 1 second, and Fan live. Fan especially (the first song that got me into Korean music to begin with ^^) They had everyone jumping up and down...we were seriously rocking the House of Blues laugh.gif
I don't think I've heard MYK sing live before...and geez was I blown away. He really does have a smooth voice, so him + guitar = major awesomeness hahaha
Being hit by Tablo-water 3 times was awesome, not only cuz it was Tablo-water (duhhh...), but also cuz it was incredibly hot and sweaty/sticky, so the water felt sooooo nice smile.gif
Best part for me though...whenever they held the mics out for the fans to sing, we really did sing. I can honestly say that no background music was needed: we were that loud. I really hope that they see through this that their fans really truly love them <3
When they went back inside, of course everyone shouted encore, and when they came back, I'm pretty sure they sang Free Music (one of my favs in map the soul) and finally Fan. And all too soon...it ended ;_;
We then scrambled to get merchandise, but by the time we got there, all the black shirts had sold out already D: Anywayz, I ended up getting the towel, 2 pins, and the cell phone charm smile.gif

This is more of a rant than anything...but on the ride back home, they had to close down like 4 of the 5 lanes of the freeway, so we were stuck in traffic at like 1:30 in the frickin morning. I didn't get home till past 3 D:

Anywayz, the next morning, I go with one of my friends to the Meet and Greet at the Verizon store. We get there around 12ish, and omgggg it was sooo hot standing out there D: The Verizon mc person, although she was trying her best, started to get really annoying by the 20th time she asked us if we were excited to see Epik High (no duh...XP). But after burning for almost 4 hours (gahhh it was bad), we finally got our chance to see them smile.gif
I didn't want to come off as rude so I didn't take pictures when I actually saw them. To be honest, I had this entire speech planned out in my head to say to them (well, mostly Tablo, cuz I don't know Korean lol), but when I got up to the table, I totally blanked out D: So I ended up just saying hi, thank you x 1000000, and bye >_<
But the absolute coolest part of the entire thing was...as I was leaving, I turned back around and said bye and waved, hoping that they would respond. And omgggggg (yea, I'm still spazzing about this LOL), DJ Tukutz and MYK both smiled and waved back XD XD XD XD I am so serious...DJ Tukutz is the most adorable person ever laugh.gif His squeaky voice and scrunched up eyes are the BOMBBBBBB XD Tablo used to be at the top of my dorky/cute list, but now Tukutz is totally pulling him down biggrin.gif Ahhh...but I still kinda regret that I didn't take a pic of them at the end >_<

And I finally got the chance to listen to the Lost Map cd that I got with my purchase. Of course, the songs are amazing. But the one thing that literally had me LOLing and ROFLing was the end of the home edition of Top Gun. "I'm the top gun..represent nuh uh...uh uh...I got guns...No I don't...I don't have guns." LOLLLLLLLLL XD XD o tablo, you crack me up laugh.gif

Pictures if anyone's interested:

Epik High (and MYK) are truly amazing people.  My best wishes to them <3 <3
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